North Korea Exposed

Uncovering one of the most ruthless human rights records of the 21st century

Life In North Korea

Personal, intellectual and religious freedoms in North Korea are almost non-existent. Controlled by a totalitarian leader and isolated from the world, the 25 million people who live in North Korea are unable to exercise basic human rights. And the atrocities that occur within the country’s prison and hard labor camps rival those of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR and the era of the Khmer Rouge.

An Exposé in Three Stories

Three North Koreans describe what North Korea is really like—and how they found a way out.

Uncovering Atrocities

North Korea: Facts and Figures

A brief look at the history and ideology behind the world’s most tightly controlled country.

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Life in North Korean Prison Camps

The United Nations estimates that more than 100,000 people are in labor camps in North Korea. Here are the staggering conditions they are living—and dying—in.

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Christianity: “A particularly serious threat”

Christianity has a long history in North Korea. But now, it’s viewed with deep suspicion. Why?

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Contacts for Interviews

The following are available for interviews and quotes. For scheduling purposes, please note that these sources live in East Asia.

Speak with Hea Woo, a North Korean Christian who lived through a DPRK prison camp

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Speak with Thomas Müller, a research expert on North Korea

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Speak with David Curry, president of Open Doors USA (U.S.-based)

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